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How Much Are Your Images Worth?

Smart Billing Explanation

Pay what you use with fixed prices. Our smart billing plan retrieves each month's usage and selects the most appropriate billing tier based on your usage. Enjoy the flexibility of the pay as you go plan with predictable and affordable once-per-month charged flat rate price. No need to upgrade or downgrade your plan due to your changing monthly usage. This unique pricing model ensures not only fair usage-based pricing but also prevent underuse or overuse quota issues and save you money by being fully adaptive to your store's needs.

How does the smart pricing work?

Smart pricing automatically adjusts your billing tier as your usage grows and shrink. You will be charged based on your monthly usage at the corresponding billing tier. This flexible yet predictable and affordable pricing model ensures that you pay only what you use placing you each month in higher or lower billing tier.

Calculate Your Images Number!

How many images you need to optimize each month ? Please provide an approx. number below to have pricing estimation based on your usage need.

Transparent & Simple Pricing

Pay Only for what you need and what you use with dynamic paces range increment including full control over the limiation of number of images you need to compress.

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